Amal Al-Saieed is a skincare and cosmetics expert & consultant, with an extensive experience in skin care treatments & consultation.

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What Our Clients Say

When I first heard about Amal’s Skincare Profiles, I didn’t get the idea at all, because it’s a brand new idea! But, since four years until now, I’ve made two profiles. I can’t imagine how my life would it be without these profiles


The idea of skincare profiling system got my attention immediately, since my skin was suffering from acne during adolescence. It’s a unique and creative idea


Everyone I know tells me that I’ve got a good and beautiful skin, but after having my first profile, I was convinced that we don’t know much about our skin and its needs and we all have to know more about our skin to treat it right


After having my own skincare profile, I knew that this profile is not only for people who got skin issues! Now, I know how to take care of my skin everyday and each season.


As a model, I want my skin to look healthy and glowing all the time. After giving birth to my baby girl and moving to this country, my skin changed a lot, it became more sensitive and pigmented. Having my skincare profile helped me a lot to deal with it. thanks Amal, such professional skincare expert and services as well .


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